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Preparing for a Bikini Shoot

It’s almost summer, and that means there will be lots of opportunities for bikini and swimsuit photo shoots. And while you always need to look good for the camera, there is some extra grooming that goes with swimsuit season (unless you’re already doing lingerie spreads, in which case you’re already showing off just as much skin). So say goodbye to the relatively lazy days of winter, and check out our tips for preparing your body for scantily-clad sessions.

Roast evenly, like a rotisserie chicken

When you’re wearing a bikini, tan lines will stand out like a sore thumb. Depending on your complexion & look, either stay out of the sun completely to preserve your fair skin or hit the beach/tanning bed to get a nice, even color. Tanning beds are better than laying outdoors, unless you have somewhere private you can lay out topless or naked. You’ll want to tan without a top, since the bikinis you’ll be modeling will almost certainly have different straps than your bathing suit. You may even want to go bottomless, although in almost all cases a thong bikini will suffice to tan your cheeks.

A tan model in a white bikini

Take care of your toes

In most modeling gigs, high heels are a must. They lift your calves and make your butt look even more fantastic than normal. While they take some practice catwalking in, they really get the job done. However, continually cramming your feet into pumps can really take a toll on your tootsies! Many women develop calluses, bunions, and even toenail fungus from having their feet jammed into sexy but uncomfortable shoes all day. Although the calluses protect your toes from the pressure and friction created by shoes, they are not very pretty. And summer swimsuit modeling very often involves flip flops and bare feet to go along with the summer/beach theme of the shoots. So before you start answering bikini casting calls, treat yourself to a good pedicure to beautify your feet. Your feet will thank you, as will the photographers.

Trim the hedges

And now for the most delicate part of bikini grooming – taking care of your bikini line. I’m sure many of you are more casual in the winter, and if you don’t have a significant other who strongly prefers you smooth you let the bushes grow, so to speak. But this, of course, won’t fly during a photoshoot. No one wants to see wisps of pubic hair peeking out from your bottoms! And while trimming might work if you were just going to wear your own swimsuit all summer, as a model you need to be ready to wear whatever they throw at you. If you aren’t already waxing or shaving, you should learn how to shave your pubic hair so you are presentable in any bikini. If you don’t like the totally bare look, you can usually get away with leaving a small strip of hair just above your vagina – even a microkini will cover that up.

So there you have it, three important factors in preparing for summer modeling. If you have any other good tips for swimsuit models, please share them in the comments below!

Modeling Can Be Dangerous!

If you thought modeling was all full and games, think again! As Janice Griffith recently found out, if you’re not careful, you can get hurt doing stunts during a modeling shoot. Poor Janice was running around naked on the roof of a mansion in the hills of Los Angeles for a Hustler shoot when Dan Bilzerian, a millionaire poker champion and notorious playboy, threw her from the roof into the pool below.

Model in a blue dress near a pool

This appeared to be a pre-planned stunt, but it didn’t all go quite according to the plan. Either because the throw was a little off, or because she grabbed his shirt as he threw her (depending on who you ask), Janice didn’t quite make it all the way into the water. Her foot caught the edge of the concrete around the pool, breaking one or more of its bones. While you could see this as a lucky miss (be thankful it was her foot and not her head!), she saw it as a case of negligence by Dan. She blamed his poor naked-lady-tossing abilities for her injury, and asked a personal injury lawyer to draft a letter requesting $85,000 as compensation for her pain and time off work. Dan, however, didn’t see things that way. His lawyer drafted a humorously worded response letter to her demand. He pointed out that she was working for Hustler at the time of the accident, and that there isn’t exactly an established standard of reasonable care for the situation of throwing a naked model into a pool during a photo shoot.

Overall it looks like Dan is probably on the right side of the law, and he had a sense of humor while proving it. I think the moral of the story is when one is being tossed off the roof by one’s genitals, watch where you’re going rather than trying to hold on to where you’ve been.